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Necrotising Enterocolitis, also known as NEC, is a devastating intestinal disease that affects premature or very low birth weight infants.

NEC is a disease of the premature gut and one of the most common causes of death in the one in 10 Australian babies born prematurely. For babies who survive, NEC can also have long-term impacts on the developing brain.

NEC is a major health challenge because of its insidious onset and rapid progression. Currently there is no effective drug available to prevent or treat NEC.

"NEC is an unknown killer, but that shouldn't mean parents are left in the dark" - Sophie, Charlie's mum.

Hudson Institute scientists including Professors Marcel and Claudia Nold are shedding light on how NEC develops and working on promising new anti-inflammatory approaches for treating NEC. Your support will help them accelerate this research. Make a donation today.

Pictured here, L-R: Nathan and Sophie holding their baby Charlie who sadly passed away from NEC.

"Any donation, no matter how small, is extremely important"
- Professor Marcel Nold

Thank you to Charlie's parents, Nathan and Sophie for sharing his story.

Your support will make this research possible. 


could help maintain vital technology and essential supplies


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could help fast-track clinical trials for testing new diagnostics

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