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Gifts in Will

Power the research of tomorrow for improved health globally with a gift in your Will today.

Hudson Institute has partnered with Safewill to offer supporters a chance to write a valid Will via its step-by-step online platform for 50% off (normally $160).
Human diseases are complex and take long-term investments in time and money to achieve ground-breaking discoveries that can be translated into real world impacts.

Having a Will in place is important to protect your loved ones. Once you have ensured they have been provided for, Hudson Institute would be grateful if you would consider leaving a gift to continue to power our research excellence. Even a gift of just 1% of your estate, or whatever you can afford after you’ve taken care of loved ones, can truly make a difference.

        Write your will today

As a global bioscience medical research leader, Hudson Institute’s sole focus is on powering breakthrough scientific discoveries into improved health care that will transform lives.
Hudson Institute partners with Safewill to provide an easy and accessible way to write a valid Will via its step-by-step online platform. You will be guided by tips along the way from Safewill’s legal advisers, and have the confidence that every Will written is checked by an Australian Solicitor, to ensure it has been filled out correctly.

Steps to leaving a gift in your Will

Step 1 
Decide on the family, friends and organisations you would like to recognise in your Will

While it’s easy to leave a bequest in your Will, it’s important that you take the time to decide on the friends, family and organisations you would like to include. It’s also important to talk to your loved ones about your intentions and let them know that leaving a gift to medical research at Hudson Institute is important to you. This can help to ensure your intentions and wishes are understood and respected.

Step 2 
Choose the type of legacy you would like to leave to Hudson Institute
A gift in Will can take many forms, such as

Residuary: A gift of all or part of your estate after payment of costs and bequests to your family and friends.

Percentage: A percentage of the overall value of your estate which allows for growth or depreciation of the value of your estate.

Specific Asset: A specific gift of valuable items such as real estate, shares or jewellery.

Pecuniary: A specific sum of money.

Our Fundraising team is happy to speak about how you would like your gift to be used at Hudson Institute, including expanding research, or through a named PhD scholarship or fellowship, as examples. 

Step 3 
Create a legal Will

 Legal professionals like lawyers, estate planners or solicitors can prepare your Will under your direction and provide professional advice to ensure your wishes are recorded, and thus, distributed in a legally binding way and to ensure your family and friends are provided for.

Alternatively, we have partnered with Gathered Here and Safewill, which both offer simple and accessible step-by-step online Will writing services, if this suits your personal circumstances.

Remember, your Will is not legal until it is signed and witnessed. You can change your Will and beneficiaries at any time.

Below is suggested wording when including Hudson Institute of Medical Research in your Will. 

I give and bequeath to Hudson Institute of Medical Research, ABN 48 132 025 024, free of all duties and taxes,

(Please insert the appropriate statement(s) below)

  • The whole of my estate
  • ___ % percentage of my estate
  • The whole of the residue of my estate
  •  ___ % percentage of my residuary estate
  • The sum of $_______
  • List of specific asset(s)

to be applied for the purposes of medical research by Hudson Institute OR for the purpose of ____________ [specify research area of your choice].

I declare the receipt of an authorised officer from Hudson Institute shall be full and sufficient discharge to my executors.

Step 4 
Please let us know about your generous gift in Will

If you do include a gift in your Will to Hudson Institute, we would appreciate the opportunity to thank you and welcome you as part of our community of supporters.

No matter the size, a gift to Hudson Institute in your Will is also a way to create an enduring future for discovery and impact for critical research.

A generous plan to leave a gift in Will to childhood cancer research

When the time comes, Christopher’s gift is earmarked to support paediatric cancer research at Hudson Institute's Cancer Centre under the leadership of of Professor Ron Firestein.  
Research into this critical area for children and their families will be supported by Christopher’s foresight to leave a gift in his Will and could assist with the discovery  of new therapies for the treatment of childhood cancers.
As Christopher states about his decision, “I chose childhood cancers because of the serious consequences on young lives”.

Our promise to you

Leaving a gift in your Will is a significant and personal decision, and any gift you decide to leave to Hudson Institute will be treated with care, confidentiality, respect and in line with your wishes. Your privacy will always be respected, and you will never be pressured into making a decision about leaving a gift in your Will. Hudson Institute also understands the importance of taking care of your loved ones and that they will always come first.

Download your Gifts in Will brochure today

Thank you for taking the time to consider leaving a gift in your Will to Hudson Institute to help us power the research of tomorrow for improved health globally

Power your legacy today

Meet Connie

Donor Engagement and Fundraising Manager

Please get in contact with me if you’d like to learn more about leaving a gift in your Will to Hudson Institute of Medical Research to help power new and innovative treatments and cures for this and future generations. I am proud to support groundbreaking research that improves human health and aligns with my values of trust, innovation and community.

Your enquiry will be treated confidentially and without any obligation.

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