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" Your son has Cancer"

Cancer kills 3 children every week in Australia more than any other disease.

12 months ago we lost our beautiful son and brother to Ewing's Sarcoma at the age of 15. As a parent and watching your son navigate through this is just gut wrenching. Spending every second week in hospital for treatments and trying to Keep positive for Cade, was so important navigating his treatments was extremely difficult at times.

While in the hospital, Cade played board games and card games to pass the time away, and when well enough, he loved to chat. He always knew that he was loved. It is the hardest thing for a family to witness your child/brother go through chemotherapy. You feel helpless and frustrated that you can't help them. Cade gave everything to beat this, but it wasn't to be, he just loved family and friends and life was set up for him.

This is a hideous disease with a poor survival rate when it returns. Cade endured tiresome treatments and we are so proud of the way he faced it, with such grace and determination. He never complained, he just got on with it.

* Over 90 nights in hospital
* Over 16 rounds of chemotherapy and oral chemo treatments from home
* Over 20 blood transfusions
* 10 Platelet transfusions
* 50 Radiation treatments
* 8 Pet scans
* 8 MRI's
* 6 CT scans
* 4 Emergency visits
* 1 Code blue call

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We are doing 'Climb for Cade' in loving memory of Cade Conlan Watts (17/02/2007 to 3/2/2023) a wonderful son, brother, nephew, cousin and friend. An adventurous, kind, loving, sporty, caring and intelligent boy who had his whole life ahead of him. A beautiful soul, who is missed by so many.

Cade, you were special in so many ways. If the only thing that could have kept you alive was love, you would still be here with us. We miss you always..

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