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It’s hard to imagine four words more frightening to a parent than “Your child has cancer.”
- Luca's mother, Monique

Three-year-old Luca’s parents, Monique and Baden, had little choice but to trust in the best that medical science could offer when a CT scan of their son’s brain showed a high-grade glioblastoma – one of the rarest and most dangerous types of brain tumour.
Luca endured brain surgery, 11 rounds of chemotherapy, several blood transfusions, and 33 consecutive days of radiotherapy. 
Monique and Baden agreed to donate tissue samples from his tumour to the Childhood Cancer Model Atlas (CCMA) at Hudson Institute, and those cells are still being used to test potential treatments.

“I’d hope that through this work at Hudson Institute, the next family gets a clearer picture of the available treatments and what can be done.” - Monique Boggia, Luca's Mum 

You can make a tomorrow possible for more kids like Luca by supporting our childhood cancer research with a tax-deductible donation before 30 June 2023. 

Change for childhood cancer starts here at Hudson Institute.


$50 can help maintain vital technology and essential supplies for our research


$100 can help purchase critical lab equipment


$250 could fast-track clinical trials for testing new diagnostics


$500 will speed up the translation of research into new medical advances

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